Logic Pro X Project Template (Updated)

Logic Pro X Project Template (Updated)

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This is my updated basic Logic Pro X project template for vocal recording using stock plugins. The session will come preconfigured with:

2 Lead Vocal Tracks
1 Rap Vocal Track
1 Rab Vocal Dub Track
1 Rap Adlib Track
4 Pre-Panned Lead Stacks
4 Pre-Panned 1st Harmony Stacks
4 Pre-Panned 2nd Harmony Stacks
BONUS: 12 basic stock vocal patches.

The vocal patches were modeled after songs I’ve recorded serving different genres from R&B & Pop to Rap. So you should be able to use at least a few of these for your song.

All tracks are color coordinated, semi-mixed, & semi-organized with bus channels to fit in with each other. Some basic level of vocal processing and bus routing has been done, however, they will need to be tweaked / mixed to fit your personal needs.

Also be sure you set the input and output of your Logic software in order for your mic to be recognized on each track.